Vendor Consolidation Program (VCP) Overview

When joining the Vendor Consolidation Program you get an extremely experienced team of experts who manage all aspects of your communication networks with a special emphasis on state of the art technology while opening up special telecom relationships which allow you to spend less than you are currently spending today.  No other group can match our mixture of best of breed technology, consolidated telecom solutions, certified support, and outsourced services, delivered with a high professional methodology.


What We Do 1-2-3

Metropark's Vendor Consolidation Program (VCP) first step is to review and analyze your current communication design and monthly costs. We then reduce those costs by applying our national leveraged discounting from all available vendors. The never-before-seen-savings creates a VCP Program Benefit for you, which is used to purchase VoIP and Data Networking, SAN Storage, Cloud Services or many other business tools. Utilizing Metropark's AP services all vendor invoices are consolidated for your easy review and monthly single payment.  

What's the Impact

Once your new systems and network are designed, and the new telecom services are priced, we expose a new benefit which your business has been generously giving to your existing vendors up till now.  Metropark is financially motivated to find the most for you, as the greater the benefit the more products which can be purchased and supported, which is how Metropark funds the VCP program.


Actual Case Study

A St. Louis Missouri firm was spending $3,877.50 per month on telecom services. Their vendor's profits on those monthly services reached over 40%. The St. Louis firm just wrote this money off as Operational Expenses - OPEX.

They never thought they could get a benefit



they signed up with the VCP program and they saw their services enhanced, their monthly cost go down to $3,695.92, and they received a never before seen benefit. A State-of-the-Art VoIP & Data Network from Metropark.



Using their existing OpEx to update their communication equipment without making any CapEx investments was a very new concept for them. But they saw Metropark's national leveraged discounts create amazing benefits that their company really needed in today's economy.


  • Greatly Reduced Telecom Costs
  • One Stable Monthly Price
  • One Call Vendor Support
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Expert Analysis
  • Voice and Data Networking
  • Managed Services
  • Cloud Solutions


On Your Side

  • Inclusion: Metropark’s team of experts cement the four main communication areas of your business; New Products, Telecom Services, Managed Services, Financial Services. As a result, you will be able to greatly improve business strategies and increase productivity, while lowering costs.

  • Movement: No one knows better than you, on how easy it is to be overwhelmed by the flood of new technologies and thus staying stationary causing your business to pay the price of hugging on to the “old way” of doing things. We understand. We help you make informed decisions and create a comprehensive communication solution that most likely will lower your monthly costs overall.

  • Cohesion: Consider the amount of time that your team spends tracking down problems with multiple vendors, navigating through a parade of telecom offerings, traversing disparate systems and struggling to communicate effectively with your staff and customers. Metropark overcomes these obstacles with a new network of vendors, products, and expert managed support.

  • Flexibility: With technology changing every other month, how can you really figure out what your business will need today, tomorrow or into the future? Metropark’ Vendor Consolidation Program is designed with a la carte flexibility. We intelligently design the best in breed solution which may include a several year step by step plan for easy cost implementation and will allow for simple additions to new technologies currently not available or even invented yet.

  • Influence: The real magic to Metropark’s Vendor Consolidation Program is our capacity to portion out our purchasing power to find unrealized savings which allows for OpEx savings to be available for CapEx investments. A fancy way to say “get more, pay less”.


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