AT&T Fleet Complete

With the Fleet Complete solution from Metropark, you can have real-time overview of school buses and other school vehicles in the field. Fleet managers and dispatchers have access to the status of each driver, vehicle and their location, which allows to make smarter on demand decisions and improve fleet productivity.


Track and manage your mission-critical fleet and workforce in real-time

Monitor and minimize aggressive driver behavior on the road and lower insurance premiums
Locate the closest available vehicle and dispatch them to an emergency call from one single platform
Prolong vehicle health and lifetime with automated maintenance management module
Monitor after-hour vehicle usage and lower personal use of district resources
Record accurate power take-off activity and have proof of school bus stop-arm engagement at every pick-up/ drop-off location
Track buses stopping at railway crossings with pre-defined virtual Geofences

More Than Just Fleet Tracking

Powered by GPS technology, Fleet Tracker is an all-in-one solution that provides you with near real-time visibility over your fleet of vehicles, their activity status and diagnostics data.
Feature-rich and versatile, Fleet Tracker connects to the vehicle’s ECM and reports on 19 different engine data points such as fuel level, temperature, activity status and many more. In addition, you will gain actionable business intelligence on your fleet’s data metrics thanks to Fleet Complete’s tailormade reports that can help you make smarter decisions and efficiently manage your fleet.

Instant Communication With Field Staff

Fleet Complete with the Enhanced Push-to-Talk mobile solution provides an efficient communication add-on to help improve fleet productivity and dispatch operations.  Reach out to your field staff or hold a conference with multiple drivers in the field with a push of a button.


Automated Maintenance Management

Fleet Complete maintenance module allows your managers to schedule maintenance for various vehicle types based on their odometer reading, engine hours or seasonality.  Set up email or SMS reminders for your drivers to ensure recurring vehicle service.


Installation Type Suited To Your Needs

Whether you need to be able to easily swap tracking devices between contracting vehicles, or require an integrated installation to accommodate additional sensor capture, Fleet Tracker solution has the options for you. You can connectthe tracker to the vehicle through the plug-and-play OBD-II/CANBUS, or hardwire it to the vehicle’s power console. Consult our Fleet Complete specialists for the type of installation that is best suited to your needs.


Extensive Reporting

Analyze your in-field data bank with our comprehensive reporting and fleet dashboard, and schedule regular operational reports to get a detailed view of your fleet’s performance. Capture vehicle location, sensor readings, events, and interactions with Points of Interest such as service shop or gas stations for optimal insights.



  • Vehicle status: travel direction, ignition status
  • Manage points of interest, locate the closest vehicle
  • Trip replay / breadcrumb trail
  • Custom layers: LSD, private roads


Rules, Alerts, & Reports

  • Driver behaviour: harsh braking/cornering, idling, late departure, outside work hours usage, rapid acceleration
  • Alerts: instant notification of any unauthorized activity
  • Operational reports: engine status, fleet performance, maintenance, PTO usage, fuel economy, movement, unvisited POIs, driver ID


Asset Management

  • Vehicle information: asset name, odometer, license plate, make, model, assigned work schedule
  • Additional sensors: temperature, panic button, door/hood
  • Resources: individual drivers and crews


Maintenance Module

  • Scheduled, annual, recurring date, rolling odometer


Additional Integrations

  • Power Take-Off usage
  • Door status capture