Enterprise WiFie wifi

With the Metropark Cloud Managed Wi-Fi enterprise service powered by bluesocket, medium and large businesses can extend their wired network with wireless solutions to improve day-to-day business operation and productivity, from 1 to 2000 locations.


  • High performance APs and a scalable architecture support multi-facility, enterprise-wide deployments.
  • Best-of-breed wireless security and management support companies concerned with security, user authentication, policy-based controls and protection against unauthorized access, which provides a blanket of security for users as they roam seamlessly throughout a wireless network.
  • Enterprise-wide network management capabilities deliver centralized configuration and maintenance, policy-management, and monitoring capabilities across the entire WLAN.
  • Intrusion detection/protection and clientless scanning tools protect a network against viruses and other types of malicious code that may slip into a network through a mobile worker’s computer or mobile device.
  • Deliver customized Guest Access Services to visitors through controlled, secure and traceable internet access for both wired and wireless guests.
  • Open, standards-based WLAN and Voice technology provides scalability and investment protection for future expansion













Enterprises are deploying wireless LANs in record numbers to extend wired networks to workers throughout an organization and channel vital applications and data to the very center of business activity. Metropark Cloud Managed Wi-Fi technology is perfect for enterprise mobile strategies:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Food processing plants
  • Technology commercialization firms
  • Accountancy and tax consultants
  • Law firms
  • Advertising agencies
  • Trade Associations
  • Hotel/Motel
  • Distributive enterprise retailers