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We are here to bring simplicity to your business communications with our unique "One-Call" solution. We truly believe there exists a better way for your business to communicate and operate, and we have the capability to make that happen through the consolidation of telecom and cellular service providers, equipment vendors, and exciting new software trends. When you take advantage of our products, services, and Vendor Consolidation Program, you can expect a number of benefits including the following:
  •   Lower monthly costs
  •   New voice and data infrastructure
  •   A single point of contact for all aspects of business communications
  •   Consolidated Billing
  •   And much more!

Voice Exchange

A revolutionary new way to communicate by combining the best of traditional phone systems with cutting edge Unified Communication tools & apps.

More Features & Less Cost

Metropark's Voice Exchange a.k.a. MPVEX


Freeing businesses from tethering their employees to desks in the office.  Now they can literally work anywhere at anytime and with any wireless carrier.

Everybody Needs Mobility

All Major Carries provided by Metropark Mobility

Managed Services

Stop being stuck in the middle of multiple vendors pointing fingers at each other. Metropark manages all those services, so you have "One Call For Everything"

We Manage All The Mess

Consolidating all vendors makes your management so much easier

ala carte

Metropark's products, services & solutions can be deployed separately or can be enrolled into our Vendor Consolidation Program.  We have more than 25 years of experience in the realm of complete business communications technologies, we are here to make your business vision a reality. We've mastered the difficult process of reducing costs while increasing productivity with innovations like our cloud-based phone system and services, Metropark Voice Exchange (MPVEX).  Our state-of-the-art services include the following features: 

PBX in the Cloud 
This cloud service is ideal for businesses of any size. Not only will it reduce and eliminate certain costs, but will improve your capabilities and future-proof your company’s communication systems.

Boomea Unified Communications
Integrate everything from fax to business texting with this all-in-one service that provides your company with unparalleled scalability, disaster avoidance, cloud services, a simplified call center, and even faxboxes so you don’t have to rely on outdated or expensive machines.

Review and analyze real-time reports, giving you an instantaneous look at activity and usage throughout your entire communications system.

SIP Trunking
Take advantage of the cost saving benefits of VoIP SIP Trunking by connecting your telecommunications to an always-on broadband connection.

No longer in your phone closet - PBX in the CLOUD

Unified Communications - Everything in one place

All Major Carriers from Metropark Mobility

Easy & cost effective - MPVEX Call Center

Text messages using business phone numbers

Bye Bye Fax machine - Bye Bye Fax line


Isn't time to treat your team with brand new phones & communication tools

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DIY with UCaaS

If you have technical skills and know how to make a laptop work on your existing Ethernet network, you can probably Do-It-Yourself with our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).  You pick the phone style and give us some basic information about your current network, then we'll send you everything you need to install the PBX in the CLOUD, Boomea and the IP devices.  More info and Pricing Here  


Empowering Today's Strong Business Leaders

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"I seriously need to take this high cost stuff seriously"

AT&T - Sprint - Verizon - Tmobile - Plus a bunch more

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"I never thought that my business could use multiple phone companies and it be so easy"

Phones  Internet  Mobility  Network  Security


These are just a small sampling of the services we have available, and no matter which ones are right for your business we know you will want to take advantage of our consolidated billing in the St. Louis area.  

The Metropark Communications, Inc. team understands having a reliable communications system is essential for every business, which is why we’re eager to work with you to develop a custom plan fit your needs. We invite you to browse our website to learn more about our revolutionary cloud communication services, and please contact us today for more information about how we can enhance your business!  Schedule an Onsite Analysis