E911 Change of Address

For over fifty years, these three digits "9-1-1" have been identified with emergency calling in the US. Enhanced 911, which is also called E-911 or E911, takes information about the caller and sends it to the emergency operators.  Enhanced 911 works by sending your location and phone number to a Public Safety Answering Point which is also called the PSAP. A PSAP is a call center where operators answer the emergency call then route the call to police, fire or other emergency responders. An enhanced 911 call has a system in place called Automatic Number Identification, or ANI, and Automatic Location Identification, or ALI, which is sent to and displayed on the screens of operators at the PSAP. In addition, an enhanced 911 call will connect the caller to the nearest PSAP, a process called selective routing.
Enhanced 911 is yet another technology that continues to grow and evolve in the 21st century. Metropark Voice Exchange wants to give the best service possible, including the safest service, but because VoIP is not location-sensitive, it can create problems for providers and lawmakers. Fortunately, the trend is moving in the direction of more mobility and more safety. When you sign up for Metropark Voice Exchange services, you must give a permanent address along with your name. Also, if you change addresses, be sure to update it below to ensure accurate 911 routing.

Change E911 Address 

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