MPVEX Boomea

Boomea is our new Unified Communications (UC) Platform which can be accessed from a web browser or can be installed on all major platforms including Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android. 

Boomea is re-imagining data management and centralized communications and empowering users to quickly and efficiently interact in the enterprise space using a growing number of communication methods.
BOOMEA is...
  • Inter-office Chat
  • File Sharing
  • Private Direct Messages
  • Public Channels
  • Company Directory
  • Contact Sync with Gsuite & Office365
  • Tasks Personal & Shared
  • Notes Personal & Shared
  • Meetings Audio & Video
  • Phone Integration with MPVEX VoIP Services for:
    • Quick-Call
    • Modify and maintain user-specific call routing (FMFM)
    • View real-time call history
    • Access voicemails
    • Access call recordings
    • Supervise call centers with the call center console
    • View real-time phone presence (BLF)
    • Always growing, much more to come...

A Few Boomea Screenshots

When the user gets a voicemail from MPVEX, the voicemail will be sent to the BOOMEA application and the record will appear without the need to refresh anything. The user may then listen to the voicemail, download, and/or delete the voicemail. When a voicemail is deleted, it removes it from the user’s voicemail in their phone as well for easy voicemail management! 
Call Recordings
When a user is recorded on the MPVEX platform, the recording will be sent to the BOOMEA application and the record will appear without the need to refresh anything. If the user has access to other user’s recordings via management permissions (in MPVEX), this user will be able to review, play, download, and/or delete all recordings they have access to. The user may only delete a recording if they are given the delete action specifically by management permissions.  Call recordings are ordered by date and time and display the name of the user that was recorded.
Calls and Call Routing (FMFM)
A user may manage their own call routing by defining which devices to ring, in which order, and for what duration of time. Other configurable options include:
  • No Answer Route
  • Busy Route
  • Outside Time Frame Route
  • Time Frame Schedule
Call records from MPVEX are pushed to the BOOMEA application in real time so a user can be up-to-date with their calls, both missed and answered! No refresh is necessary as the records will appear as they are created.
Type any number into the text field, select your preferred device, and hit the Enter key or click the call button to initiate a call to the telephone number you’ve defined. A user may also click on the phone icon in both the company directory and the presence group to initiate a quick call to that user.
Inter-Office Chat Messenging
Send chat messages to other users in your account. Emojis are included and file attachments are supported. All channels and messages are inter-account only.
  • Public Channels
  • Private Channels
  • Direct Messages
  • Mentions
Call Center Console
A user can access the MPVEX Call Center Console from the Boomea application. This enables a user to monitor the status of their queues and agents in real time while they go about their day. The interactive display allows the user to click on an agent and see their specific queue statistics. 
Real Time Presence
On the right side of the application areas seen abouve, a user may monitor the phone status of a group of users, much like BLF on a VoIP device. The users’ presences update in real time without the need to refresh. A user can create groups to monitor and may include parking slots in their groups to see if a caller is parked in the slot. 

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