VCP First Stepreviewsteps

The first step is to determine what your 'real' communications costs are for your business. This process can be very enlightening due to hidden and wasted costs we often unearth.  

Our engineers and analysts review your current vendor services, products, and costs. They provide an expert analysis and recommendations at no charge to you. Here is what we need to start the review: 

Provide answers to our VCP Survey
Should take only a few minutes.

Provide a copy of 'Needed Vendor Bills' 

  • Upload your bills here
  • Give copies to your Metropark Rep
  • Email bills to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Needed Vendor Bills:

  • Local & Long Distance bills
  • Internet bills
  • Cellular bills
  • Email and website bills

Additional Vendor Bills we'd like to analyze:

  • IT / Network Support bills
  • Monitoring Service bills
  • Microsoft Exchange bills
  • Storage and Backup bills
  • Music or Marketing on Hold bills
  • PBX Maintenance Vendor bills
  • Project Management bills
  • Security & Surveillance bills
  • Smoke, Fire, Burglar Alarm bills
  • Video or Audio Conferencing bills
  • AP Outsourcing bills


Metropark's Vendor Consolidation Program

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  Participating Vendors

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  Taking The First Step

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