VCP Value Calculator

We have served the business community over 28 years.  Through those years we have developed many "best practices" and "secrets" which we deploy to our customers every day.  This VCP Value Calculator will give you a small insight into our Vendor Consolidation magic. 

Below, simply enter your numbers of phones and PCs, then enter the amounts you spend currently on your Phone, Internet, and Cellular.  Then click the "Analyze" button.  The value calculator will list out your actual communications costs per month and compare it with your estimated new VCP cost of services.  It really is amazing.  The last line of the calculator will show the estimated value of the new unified communications system you would also get included.  Now that is truly amazing. 


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How old is your Phone System in years?
How many desktop phones do you have?
How many PCs?
What is the approximate monthly cost of your Phone & Internet Bills?
Of your Cellular & Mobility Bills?
Your Approx. Monthly Communications Cost Today:
Your Projected VCP Monthly Cost:
          One Company to Call for Everything
          Simplified & Consolidated Billing
          New Redundant & Failover Services
          New Expanded Telecom Services
          New Cloud & Managed Services
          A New Unified Communication System
          valued at:

Please take note that your monthly cost would go down and you would get a brand new state-of-the-art communications platform. Amazed?  Then take the First Step Now.


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