MPVEX MOH Script Generator

Metropark's Voice Exchange (MPVEX) allows many enhancements to your caller's experience.  Typically, your MPVEX is the first form of communicating you will have with your callers.  So, you will want to have a professional and friendly voice talent to make sure your callers are greeting properly and provide your information correctly.  This greeting is called and Auto-Attendant.  

The Auto-Attendant can be programmed to answer only after normal business hours, or during holidays, or maybe you want the Auto-Attendant to answer after 6 rings when no one else picks up.  Just remember the Auto-Attendant will be working for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (no overtime pay needed).

Since you have one of the most versatile unified communicaton platforms in the world, you will want to let the MPVEX Auto-Attendant work for you often.  One of the first things you will want to do, is to make sure your greetings are professional and friendly sounding. This site will help you create some standard scripts to get you started.  MPVEX MOH can also create your Marketing OnHold scripts.  


Standard Greetings

If you won't need to many options, you may be able to use our Standard Script Generator to handle all the scripts you may need.  Here are the standard Auto-Attendant greeting scripts that most companies will provide their to their callers:

  • Open Hours AA
  • Closed Hours AA
  • Holiday AA
  • Inclement Weather AA

Create Standard AA Greeting Scripts 


Departments & IVR Menus 

You may want to use the Standard Greetings and then add a Departmental or IVR Menu for your caller to route themselves to who they want to talk with. IVR stands for Integrated Voice Response.  They hear your greeting's Voice tell them to press a number, which is Integrated with your phone system making thier Response a destination (IVR) Example: You may want your callers to hear "For Accounting press 1".  Then your caller will press the "1" on their keypad and they will be routed to your accounting person or accounting group.  Keep in mind, callers don't want too many options in the first or main greeting.  They may feel lost, so keep it as short as possible,  Please use this script generator to come up with plenty of options for your callers.

Create IVR Menu Greeting Script


Marketing ON HOLD

Coming Soon...