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ADTRAN Launches Crossover Solution to Accelerate Gigabit FTTH

ADTRAN Launches Crossover Solution to Accelerate Gigabit FTTH

New ultra-compact cabinet solution offers most simplified migration path for evolving DSL to Gigabit fiber service architectures


HUNTSVILLE, Ala.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 23, 2013– ADTRAN®, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADTN), a leading provider of next-generation networking solutions, today announced the introduction of the ADTRAN Crossover Enclosuresm. This innovative solution is bridging the gap between a sealed DSLAM pedestal and a traditional FTTN cabinet. The ADTRAN Crossover enclosure is a rapidly deployable Fiber-to-the-Node (FTTN) solution that rivals the cost and simple installation of sealed DSLAM solutions but incorporates the unmatched service options available from the Total Access 5000 MSAP family. The solution is purpose-built for the simultaneous support of both FTTN and Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) access supporting a seamless migration path from 100Mbps VDSL2 Vectoring to full Gigabit FTTH services for future demand. This complete turnkey solution is benefiting from the availability of new ADTRAN Total Access® 5004 compact ultra broadband node and other ADTRANAdvanced Services Architecturesm components.

“Fiber, which is the predominant access technology used to deliver today’s Carrier Ethernet services, is an essential component of future business offerings. However, most fiber infrastructures are concentrated primarily within population-dense markets where construction costs are easily justified,” said Erin Dunne, Director of Research Services at Vertical Systems Group. “Currently, more than 80% of U.S. commercial buildings with 10 to 50 employees lack direct access to fiber-based services. In close proximity are mobile cell sites plus residential areas now served by DSL that could benefit from a clearer path to fiber. ADTRAN’s Crossover solution enables providers to readily deploy fiber into these locations that were previously deemed too hard to reach.”

Wrapped around the smallest member of the ADTRAN MSAP family, the ADTRAN Crossover becomes the most compact member of the ADTRAN Total Access cabinet portfolio, measuring less than 40 inches in height, yet provides an ample 15 cubic feet in volume. The ultra-compact size allows for more “pedestal-like” mounting techniques such as an integrated stake down option that eliminates the need for a concrete pad and drastically reduces the costs and time required for FTTN and FTTH installation. No longer does installation require a large crew and a crane, as a two-person team can complete the process in a few hours. ADTRAN’s Crossover cabinet extends the service providers’ ability to deploy a mix of innovative residential and small business access services further into the outside plant as they enter new markets. As one of the most economically compelling access solutions on the market today, the Crossover enables service providers to quickly realize an improved ROI based on the smaller form factor, lower installation costs and ability to tailor services expansion based on the needs of each individual market.

As part of the new Total Access 5004 solution portfolio, the Crossover enclosure offers full resources to migrate seamlessly from FTTN to a mix of FTTN and FTTH and eventually to 100 percent FTTH. As a result, service providers can deploy a wide range of FTTx service architectures, including:

  • FTTN VDSL2 Vectoring: Leveraging board-, system- and VDSL2 vectoring to support hundreds of subscribers with 100Mbps VoIP, IPTV and business Ethernet services
  • FTTH GPON: Fully transition to a full end-to-end GPON to support thousands of subscribers
  • FTTH Gigabit: Active Ethernet or Next-Gen PON FTTH solution to increase bandwidth to Gigabit levels and beyond as demand requires
  • Carrier Ethernet and Mobile Backhaul: MEF-certified Ethernet services delivery over any media to extend provider addressable market to include SLA-based Enterprise and backhaul access services
  • Packet Optical Edge: Integration of a high-density 10G edge-optimized middle-mile solution for aggregation and transport of high-bandwidth premium services

The solution incorporates one or two Total Access 5004s into a pre-packaged Remote Terminal(RT) solution and is specifically designed to support a seamless migration to FTTH services by simultaneously supporting up to 192 VDSL2 in-service customers and over four thousand GPON customers, due to integrating the fiber patch and splice storage with internal fiber splitters needed to support, in parallel, 192 in-service FTTH ports. This accelerates the penetration of fiber access architectures by uniquely providing a well-thought out transition path from DSL networks.

Beyond the inability to migrate to FTTH architectures, other more limited FTTx solutions have been challenged with many special deployment circumstances that greatly impact their overall total cost of ownership by requiring additional equipment installation and/or cabinet construction. The ADTRAN Crossover enclosure provides a more economical, operationally simplified solution by uniquely integrating special equipment generally only found in large remote cabinets but often demanded especially when traditional phone service, such as POTS, is deployed.

Optional, integrated special equipment of this solution include:

  • Redundant access and networking modules that are required to support life-line POTS phone and SLA-based business service availability requirements
  • Line or span powering for when utility power is not available
  • DC rectifier with battery backup when AC power can be sourced
  • High capacity bonded copper backhaul for when fiber access is not available
  • Cross connect when the service delivery solution cannot be deployed near an existing cross connect cabinet

“ADTRAN has been helping service providers cost-effectively extend next generation broadband services into hard to reach areas for over a decade, having deployed over a 100,000 sealed DSLAM solutions in that time,” said Darrell Brown, director of broadband access product line management for ADTRAN’s Carrier Networks Division. “Following on that heritage the ADTRAN Crossover enclosure provides operators another opportunity to effectively expand their market reach and applicability of ultra broadband networks. Beyond that we are allowing our customers to reduce the investment required to upgrade their FTTx deployments as they move to FTTH architectures.”


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