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Are You Experiencing Bad Cellular Signals? Typically, It’s Not Your Carrier….  It’s Your Environment!!

More specifically, it’s your building.
Do you have these materials in your building?
  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Insulated Glass

If you do, they all block cellular signals!!!  ALSO… obstructions between your building and the nearest cell tower—including neighboring businesses, trees, mountains, or other landmarks—can adversely affect signal strength.  Your Cellular network quality is entirely dependent on where you are at any given moment. Signal strength is so varied geographically that service can differ even from room to room in the same building.

Start Enjoying Better Cell Signal Coverage

Connecting everyone, everywhere. 
A WilsonPro Solution from Metropark is leading all professional-grade, in-building cell signal enhancement technologies. For more than 20 years, the WilsonPro solutions have been designed to help businesses solve their cellular connectivity issues. It’s simply the best!!!

What Materials Block Cell Phone Signals?

This chart shows you how much signal is lost (dB) for each type of building material.  This is why you might experience slow data and dropped calls while indoors:

Material800 mHz1900 mHz
1/2″ Drywall2.03 dB2.43 dB
Venetian Plaster7.91 dB16.22 dB
6″ Concrete Wall10.11 dB19.41 dB
Glass Window4.35 dB4.38 dB
Low-E Glass Window33.8 dB33.8 dB
Fiberglass 1/4″1.62 dB1.9 dB
Brick7.57 dB14.66 dB
Solid Wood Door6.11 dB12.33 dB
Hollow Wood Door5.39 dB10.11 dB
1/2″ OSB Plywood3.27 dB4.91 dB
Solid Pine 1/2″2.01 dB5.05 dB
Solid Oak 1/2″4.68 dB6.11 dB

Office buildings, schools, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other commercial locations across North America rely on Metropark and WilsonPro to solve their unique cellular connectivity issues. To determine those specific needs, every Metropark WilsonPro solution starts with a site survey from a certified Metropark Engineer.

What is a Metropark Cellular Site Survey?

A Metropark site survey is the evaluation that needs to take place before any installation of a cell signal booster can happen. During the survey, a Metropark engineer will use special testers and signal meters to identify the strongest cell signal, which allows us to determine where to install the booster. During the survey, we can gauge how much cable will be required and which splitters, filters, or other accessories are necessary. A Metropark site survey will demonstrate existing signal coverage within your business and draw attention to problem areas. This will also create conversation between your team and ours about needed options, installation solutions, and provide a good understanding to the overall scope of work.
During a Metropark site survey we will detect signal frequency, bandwidth, and strength, updating in real time to prevent inaccuracies. Metropark signal meters are carrier-agnostic and can therefore detect frequency and signal compatibility with any carrier. This is especially important in a commercial setting, where users will subscribe to a variety of networks.  Metropark provides and manages all major mobility carriers, should you need help in that department as well.

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Note:  A one-time site survey fee may apply.  Free, if you are a VCP customer.