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Metropark Voice Exchange (MPVEX)


Metropark Voice Exchange (MPVEX) is an extremely powerful suite of business services, Apps, and solutions created by veteran telephony experts – especially for businesses like yours.  MPVEX empowers you, like never before, to access new and exciting solutions from Unified Communications and your own PBX in the CLOUD to vital Mobile and Business applications.  In addition, MPVEX goes everywhere you need to go and has the technologies to grow as you need to grow and spend very little money in the process.

What comes with Metropark Voice Exchange?  Well…

PBX in the CLOUD

If you don’t want to be bothered with a phone system at your location any more, but need the power of a company PBX, replace your tired old phone system with MPVEX PBX in the CLOUD.

  • From 2 to 5000 users
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Full PBX capabilities utilizing an easy interface
  • Tons of Features
  • More

Boomea Unified Communications

A re-imagined unified communications platform for all PCs, Smartphones, & Tablets which is a must for any business superuser.

  • Chat – Public and Private
  • SMS – MMS Texting
  • Voicemail Recording
  • Call Recordings
  • Call History
  • Call Center Agent Dashboard
  • Tasks & Notes
  • Online Meetings
  • More


Retire your old fax machine and cancel that expensive fax line. Receive faxes in your email and send faxes from your email with MPVEX Faxboxes.

  • Send & Receive faxes from anywhere
  • Greatly reduce costs of fax lines
  • Dedicated faxing to company individuals
  • More

IP Phones

Ultra-Elegant IP Phones is the desire of everyone who uses a company phone. Make your team overjoyed with brand new IP Phones from Metropark.

  • Gigabit ready
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Wireless and Bluetooth capable
  • Color screens available
  • No more paper designation strips
  • More

Mobile Softphones

Your staff and sales teams should literally be able to work anywhere and be available to your important customers where every they happen to be.  Now they can with MPVEX Mobility.

  • Never be tethered to your desk again!
  • Make outbound calls from your mobile device as if you were at your desk
  • Receive inbound calls by extension number or business telephone number directly
  • Direct dial other users on your MPVEX PBX in the CLOUD by dialing their extension number
  • More


Bundle and Unify your most important communication tools into an easy monthly payment with Unified Communications as a Service.

  • Include PBX in the CLOUD
  • Include Boomea UC Platform.
  • Include a deskphone, cordless, or other types of phones
  • More

Call Center

To queue up calls, send customers to next available agent, have agent login/out, wrap-up time, wallboards, call center reports… you need MPVEX Call Center.

  • Manage a bigger call volume with a smaller staff.
  • Present an appealing, professional experience for your callers.
  • Reduce those pesky missed calls and ring no answer experiences.
  • More

Business SMS/MMS Texting

Start utilizing SMS Texting as part of your communications to your customers and vendors, with MPVEX SMS Texing for Business

  • Send & Receive SMS texts using your business’s main number
  • Send text messages to one or more contacts
  • Direct call back contact in MPVEX NimbusPhone or Boomea UC
  • Easy reply message window
  • More


Some use conferencing daily, other not so much.  MPVEX makes conferencing easy, affordable, and available when you need it.

  • Departmental Rooms
  • Personal Rooms
  • Direct number, Menu, or Toll Free access
  • Priced per outside users only, inside callers no cost
  • More

Marketing ON HOLD

Marketing-On-Hold (MOH) uses time spent on-hold to promote your products and services directly to your caller.

  • Share information to up-sell products and services
  • Share company news and events
  • Support your brand with a professional voice
  • Reduce caller hang-ups
  • More

SIP Trunking

If you have a phone system working at your location now and want to keep it, you can get the benefits of VoIP by replacing your old world phone lines with MPVEX SIP Trunks.

  • Dynamic Usage – Line Share
  • Direct Inward Dialing -DIDs
  • Better use of bandwidth
  • Redundant designs easily implemented
  • Fail-Over Automatic Protection Service
  • More

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