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Service Providers

Builders, Contractors, & Service Providers

Successful contractors are, by nature, rarely in their office — but being connected with customers, vendors, and distributors is vital to finding success. You always want to avoid missed calls and have access to resources from the field so you can promptly provide answers to situations needing resolve. Metropark has created a suite of systems and solutions that make the large contractor more efficient and profitable and provide the smaller contractor with all the communication tools necessary to win more deals!!

  • PBX in the CLOUD is your new phone system which avoids the single point of failure you have now
  • NIMBUS Softphone for apple and android phones and tablets, so workers in the field can act like they are in the office
  • Your Direct Phone Numbers are ported to your PBX in the Cloud so we can route all callers properly
  • Faxboxes are created for the company and individuals, so you can get make and take faxes from anywhere
  • Disaster Avoidance comes standard with MPVEX because you want to avoid them not just recover from them
  • IP Handsets for office and remote workers.  Your workers should always be available, right?
  • Marketing on Hold is for those callers waiting for your next available worker. Make their wait profitable for you
  • Simultaneous Routing comes standard with MPVEX so your callers can reach your staff where ever they are
  • Find Me Follow Me makes those remote workers create rules for calls to route correctly on the fly when not in the office
Data and Networking
  • Audio & Video Conferencing is built right into MPVEX, so you can have your own conference bridge anytime anyplace
  • Faxboxes are created for the company and individuals, so you can get make and take faxes from anywhere
  • Router/Firewall are very important but don’t need to be oversized and especially over-priced. We fix that
  • Cloud Services are growing year after year.  It might be time to move all of your operational data and systems to the cloud.
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