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Reducing Communications Costs

Cutting Costs

Technology is either improving or dying through planned obsolescent. Most business owners understand that what they have is too complex, too old, or too costly.  But making a change to something new and simplified typically requires an increase in monthly spending.  Everyone here at Metropark certainly understands how scary, complex, and costly telecom services have become.

Our method is not complicated.  We deploy technological simplification which truly lowers your monthly cost and increases efficiency. From greatly lowered negotiated service costs to consolidation savings, Metropark can “Show You the Money!!”.

What Are The Best Ways To Reduce Costs…

Eliminate Old World Telephone Bills
Lower Your Mobility Costs
Lower Data and Networking Costs
Lower your Alarm and Security Costs
  • Alarm Security has grown into a necessary large monthly cost.  We greatly lower that cost
  • Office Automation like changing your HVAC or Lights or Locks can lower employee costs
Save Time and Money by Improving Your Back Office
  • Business ERP Software can help run your entire business and greatly reduce your monthly costs
  • Email & Website Services can be seamlessly included in your new office ERP software
  • Microsoft 365 handles all your email and business apps at a lower cost
  • G-Suite is the email and business Apps from Google at a competitive lower cost
  • Consolidated Billing to have one place to go for everything is a massive time and productivity savings