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Multi-Site Businesses

Multiple Locations Have Multiple Concerns

A business with multiple locations is our most loved situation.  Historically, telecom companies have forced your multiple sites into individual cost centers and service sites, leaving you no way to share the cost between your multiple sites.  At Metropark, we’ve identified these pricing obstacles and deployed multiple ways to keep the features very robust while keeping the monthly recurring charges at an all time low through line sharing.

When operating multiple locations, historically, we had to use expensive TIE LINES, MPLS, or Point-to-Point services.  Everything was bloated and came with huge monthly price tags.  No more!!  Our new technology is going to really surprise you, compared to what you have now!




Data and Networking


  • Alarm Security with instant video monitoring of all business locations and protect against theft & fire
  • Office Automation can change your HVAC or Lights or Locks making your locations more efficient

Back Office

  • Business ERP Software can help run your entire business and greatly reduce your monthly costs
  • Email & Website Services can be seamlessly included in your new ERP software
  • Microsoft 365 handles all your email and business apps throughout your multiple locations
  • G-Suite is the email and business Apps solution from Google for your multiple locations
  • Consolidated Billing to have one place to go for everything is a massive time and productivity savings