Are you ready… for change? – white paper - Business Phones & Office Phone Systems St. Louis, MO | Metropark Communications Inc.

Are you ready… for change? – white paper

Are you ready… for change!

5 great ways to keep your competition at bay and be more “Tech Savvy”!!!


1. Seek technology vendor classes and tutoring

Some technology retailers provide free public seminars and hands-on classes to help you learn to use their products or software.  Metropark offers many classes including business best practices on some of the news technologies.

2. Join a Meetup. 

Most big cities have in-person technology focused Meetups open to anyone interested. Take advantage of these free or low-cost opportunities to learn about new technology.

3. Take massive online open courses, or MOOCs. 

Wilen-Daugenti notes: “Udacity ( and Coursera ( are two MOOCs that offer technology courses and a variety of other classes. You can learn how to program code, develop a website or make a robotic car. Many of these courses are offered for free.”

4. Learn something new on YouTube. 

If you haven’t spent time on YouTube lately, you are probably underestimating how much you can learn from the videos people post online. Simply search “How to _____” and fill in the problem or technology question you’re trying to answer. “YouTube offers a wide range of technology lectures, how to discussion and shows,” Wilen-Daugenti says. “It is a place where you can learn about any software, hardware or social media.”

5. Tap into social media tools. 

One of the best things about tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ is that they provide an unending source of opportunity to learn new things. Wilen-Daugenti explains: “Every major technology firm, media group or guru has a profile on LinkedIn or Twitter. Follow their threads so that you are in the know on what is going on in your industry.”