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Atlas 550




Atlas 550

The ATLAS 550 is a six-slot modular Integrated Access Device (IAD) providing multiple functions including ISDN switching, 1/0 DACS, Frame Relay switching and videoconferencing.

The ATLAS 550:

  • Consolidates voice and data circuits and enables bandwidth sharing
  • Integrates many networking functions into a modular, economical chassis
  • Provides cost-effective system for lowering one of the largest IT expenses monthly telecom costs
  • Enables PRI-to-T1, PRI-to-BRI, and PRI-to-analog conversions
  • Supports intelligent call-by-call switching and number substitution
  • Acts as a video switch for networking videoconferencing systems including encrypted video

Features and Benefits

  • Functions as a multi-T1 IAD, 1/0 DACs, ISDN switch, Frame Relay Switch, and Video Switch
  • Includes integral switchboard and dial plan
  • Two network interface slots (one T1/PRI module included with base unit) and four user slots
  • Supports up to 18 T1/PRI ports
  • 10/100Base-T Ethernet LAN interface for SNMP/Telnet management
  • Includes industry-leading technical support
  • Reassuring five-year North American warranty