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BizDev Teleworker

Metropark Business Development – TeleWorker

Welcome to Metropark’s BizDev TeleWorker Team.  We are all looking forward to working with you and helping you become very successful with Metropark.

What To Do First

Please print and sign these two forms and send back to your BizDev manager.

Things You Need
  • A reliable Internet connection
  • A PC
  • Metropark will provide you with a VoIP Phone
  • Metropark will provide you with login access to MERP (online database)
  • Metropark will provide you with a list of leads to turn into appointments
  • You make appointments and provide notes and calendar updates (work with your BizDev manager)
  • Metropark pays for each new appointment made for that pay cycle

example:  Pay cycle is November 2nd to 16th

                 You make 5 appointments for reps to go on between the 2nd and the 16th

                 You also make 2 appointments for the 17th

                 Payout would be 5 on the 16th and the other 2 would be paid in the next pay cycle


Note:  If appointment cancels or is not there, then it would not be counted until you reset it.

7 Characteristics of a Sucessful BizDev Teleworker

Effective Communicator

This is quite an obvious one, but some novice teleworkers might mistake “effective communication” as merely talking more. Rather, an effective communicator balances these factors:
great questioning skills
  • sharp listening skills
  • able to deliver relevant and concise pitch
  • can identify the needs of their customer through their answers
  • can match these needs to the benefits of the product
  • able to adapt their language and tone to suit that of their customer
With the growing of business opportunities, telemarketers have a great deal of target demographics on their plate. Top performing teleworkers should be able to multitask without losing their focus. Organizing tasks include:
  • handling calling schedules
  • managing time zones
  • adhering to customer relationship management protocols
Being well-organized also extends to being able to pay attention to significant details. When you have larger volumes of information, you need to be able to seek out details which are relevant to your pitch.
As a Metropark teleworker, you’re most likely setting appointments based on a range of different products or services. On top of that, you’re also talking to customers from all walks of life. That means you have to be flexible in adapting your approach to suit all those different situations and satisfy your lead. Those pre-made scripts don’t necessarily work in the real world, and sometimes your call structure can be broken.
You’re going to face a lot of rejections and less-than-happy people, so expect to be refused or yelled at with profanities. Therefore, you should be able to deal with those refusals and offensive language by:
  • not taking it personally
  • taking control of the situation
  • turning rejection into something positive
  • being able to calm down an irate person by providing empathy and solutions to their concerns
BizDev Teleworking is a target-driven numbers game: the more productive calls, the more successful you are. It takes a huge amount of self-motivation to be able to call all those numbers and still sound as enthusiastic and fresh as your first call.
Experience breeds higher knowledge and expertise, sharper communication and soft skills, tougher resilience, better adaptability and greater confidence.