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Dead Drops: What To Do

So you have a PC, phone, access point, or printer which is connected to the wall jack but the connection is not activated for some reason… IT’S DEAD. When you check the switch port, it doesn’t show a link light, nor does the network adapter. This is typically called a Dead Drop.

Dead Drops are often simple problems that occur when a connection is not patched through to the wall jack. In many businesses, only those connections that are actively being used are patched. When offices or meeting rooms are moved around, sometimes the network jacks are not tested for the new users, or drops that are intentionally left disconnected may not be properly documented. Additionally, the switch port may be administratively disabled.


#1 Check to be sure the switch port is activated.

#2  Check to be sure that the connection has been properly patched.

#3  Check to be sure that another known working device is not also working at the new location.

When any devices have been physically moved in the office, be sure to test the new connections to ensure they are working properly. In the case of an IP Phone, it is possible that power is not being sufficiently supplied to the phone by your PoE switch or power brick.

If you require additional help solving your Dead Drop problem(s), e-mail support, contact your Metropark Account Rep, contact our Sales team below, or give us a shout at (314) 439-1900 #1…whatever is easiest for you!!

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