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Blog – Finding Employees

Finding Employees

I have worked with business owners and leaders every day for over three decades. For these individuals, some problems change or even go away, but one of the constant ‘biggies’ is the inability to find good, qualified employees.  Recruiting someone, training them, and eventually getting them up-to-speed is very expensive for a business. Then for some, the employee just up and quits in search of their next ‘mini-chapter’ somewhere else. I grin when I see a résumé from a new applicant who has worked at five different businesses over the past two years!

Below I’ve listed some common-sense and not-so common sense considerations when looking to hire, but first I’d like to add that you may need some enhancements to your “reliability” as an employer.  Ask the question, “if I were looking for a new job, would I like to work here?” Do you have fun activities for the team? Do you have the latest work tools like smartphones and tablets that would allow them to work for you and NOT be tethered to some dark office?  Do you have old, stodgy benefits or have you implemented new ones (perhaps a monthly Starbucks gift card waiting for employees at the end of a productive month)?

Employer/Employee relationships are just that – relationships.  Consider these when looking for your next employee:

  • Contact Mutual Connections
  • Incentivize Current Employees to Refer New Talent
  • Look Beyond Your Normal Location
  • Ask Employees to Share on Social Media
  • Find out what Job Titles and Keywords Job Seekers are Searching For
  • Be Visible Where Your Candidates Are
  • Use Social Media to Target Passive Candidates
  • Try a Paid Search Platform like ZipRecruiter, Indeed, or Monster
  • Connect With Local Colleges & Professors
  • Contact Local Chapters and Organizations
  • Email Past Candidates about New Positions
  • Hire/Promote Internally
  • Go Grassroots With Flyers at Local Hangouts
  • Look Out for Talent Everywhere (waiters, retailers)
  • Use Email to Recruit Prospects
  • Target Your Competitor’s Employees
  • Contact Vocational & Trade Schools
  • Open Your Referral Program to Your Entire Network
  • Create a Paid Internship Program
  • Buck Tradition and Hire Your Friends
  • Look on Industry-Specific Job Boards
  • Talk to Strangers, They Want to Work Too
  • Hire a Head Hunter, Expensive But Fast
  • Add a “Hiring” or “Careers” page to your Website
  • Attend a Career Fair or Virtual Job Fair
  • Find a Freelancer – Look For Upwork
  • Use Craigslist
  • Work with a Local Government Agency
  • Look to Non-Profits Seeking Jobs for their Clientele

Remember to make unique offers and have some standout tools in place for them to use… or you may be the one being passed over.