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Blog: Say Cheese!!!

Why Every Small Business Owner Needs Cameras

Recently, we were talking with some small business owners about security and surveillance.  Some were slinging the best coffee in town, one was running a pet palace, and another was running a boutique that would make Paris jealous.  What they all had in common was an absolutely need for security cameras. Not just for catching employees sneaking an extra donut (though that’s definitely a bonus), but for so many reasons that I decided to write a whole blog about it. Hopefully, the time spent reading this will be somewhat like watching cat videos, which I was just doing. <grin>

1. The Great “Who Took My Sandwich?” Mystery

Ever had your lunch go missing from the break room? Install cameras and you can finally solve the age-old mystery of the disappearing sandwich. Sure, you might find out it’s been Betty from accounting all along, but knowledge is power, my friends. Plus, Betty might finally get the hint and start packing her own lunch.

2. Catching the Clumsy Culprit

Picture this: a customer slips on a wet floor, and suddenly you’re facing a lawsuit that could buy you a small island. With cameras, you’ve got the footage to show whether it was your negligence or their new tap-dancing shoes. Either way, you’ll know exactly what happened, and your lawyer will thank you.

3. Employee of the Month (or Not)

We all love our employees (most of the time). But let’s be real—sometimes, their dedication to scrolling through social media might be a bit too strong. With cameras, you can gently remind your staff that Big Brother is always watching. Productivity might just skyrocket when they realize you’ve got an eye on their online shopping habits.

4. The Customer Isn’t Always Right

Every small business owner has dealt with a customer who could turn a saint into a sinner. When disputes arise, having video evidence can be a lifesaver. You can finally prove that the customer did receive their fries, even if they claim otherwise. Peace of mind for you, and a reality check for the customer.

5. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

In case you haven’t noticed, people are wild. Every day can bring a new, unexpected event: a flash mob in your store, a dog riding a skateboard, or someone trying to pay with Monopoly money. Cameras capture these golden moments, giving you priceless content for your social media. Because who doesn’t love a good viral video?

6. Deterrent for the Dastardly

The mere sight of a camera can make potential thieves think twice. No one wants to star in their own crime show episode. And if they’re brave (or foolish) enough to go through with it, you’ve got the evidence to hand over to the cops. It’s like having a security guard who never takes a coffee break.

7. Insurance Inspector Gadget

Insurance companies love cameras. They’re like the nerdy kids who always have their homework done. When you can provide clear footage of incidents, claims get processed faster, and your premiums could even go down. It’s a win-win-less time dealing with paperwork, more time running your empire.

8. Training Day (Every Day)

Use your footage to train new employees. Show them how to handle situations, what to avoid, and how to properly use the espresso machine without flooding the place. Real-life examples beat boring manuals any day.

So, to wrap this up…

Installing cameras in your small business isn’t just about keeping an eye out for trouble—it’s about enhancing safety, productivity, and sometimes even getting a good laugh. So, consider making the investment. Your business, your employees, and your future viral video followers will thank you.  Our Metropark Account Executives are always ready to discuss the many options you have, so let us know what you are thinking.

Stay vigilant, keep smiling, and Say Cheese!!!