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Brivo Door Station

Brivo Door Station Simplifies Access Control and Improves Security


Brivo Door Station from Metropark is a hardware-as-a-service device that significantly reduces upfront costs. This all-in-one reader/video device requires a minimal monthly subscription fee added to your VCP monthly bill and a small set up fee to activate.

The simple user enrollment process uses an employee’s badge photo for facial authentication. No need to carry a credential for frictionless access. This game-changing, next generation access solution unlocks doors using facial authentication and captures video of every access event.

  • Facial authentication for 100% hands-free entry
  • User opt-in to use facial authentication via email
  • Brivo Snapshot and video recording of every access event
  • Supports Brivo Unified Credential cards and fobs and Brivo Mobile Pass

Metropark makes it easy to install and activate! Let us increase your security in a compact package!