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Ethernet Fiber

Ethernet Services

Quickly becoming the preferred ultra-fast access option, Ethernet supports VoIP, IP access and intranet connectivity, MPLS core services, and a host of other services – better, more efficiently, and cost-effectively. Built on stability, Ethernet solutions from Metropark allow customers to connect data hubs, call centers, and media centers with large pipes, full end-user controls, and flexible traffic performance.

With the ability to accommodate a wide range of business applications, our Ethernet solutions easily scale to support new technologies with the flexibility to adapt to changes in customer networks to help them prepare for the future. A flexible solution that gives customers the control to increase or decrease bandwidth, add locations, consolidate traffic onto one network, and provide additional security without significant capital investments.


  • 20 Meg to 10G Ethernet
  • Protected/Redundant Architecture
  • Industry standard specifications to ensure quality
  • TDM available for backup/voice service
  • Integrated Ethernet and TDM services
  • Dedicated Tower to MTSO Transport
  • Bandwidth on demand