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Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless Internet Solutions

Smart thinking businesses today are upgrading to high speed fixed wireless internet access as primary or secondary backup in their businesses. Metropark’s high speed accss operates over a fixed wireless connection between your business location and one of our locations removing the need for leased lines which increases reliability and speed from end to end. Our service offers high speed, low latency connections great for downloading, VPN clients, interactive collaborations, super fast browsing, and speedy uploads for those large emails.

Business Solutions

Ask your Metropark rep about the many packages for high speed business connectivity. We offer high speed wireless internet, as well as our traditional wireline internet solutions. The need for internet access in the business setting is more crucial than ever, but sometimes your building is not in an area served by the big providers for fiber, coax, or even copper wirelines.  That is why you will want to consider fixed wireless internet or in some cases wifi hotspots.   Metropark offers packages suitable for the small office to the large corporation.

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