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Voiceover & Studio Rates

“Glenn Alan” Voice Overs & Studio Rates


Corporate Voice over$225.00/hr
Audio Book Voice over$225.00/hr
Video / Film Voice over$225.00/hr


Message/AA Greeting/On-Hold advertising (50 words)$75.00
Message/AA Greeting/On-Hold advertising (200 words)$150.00
Message/AA Greeting/On-Hold advertising (600 words)$350.00
Message/AA Greeting/On-Hold advertising (1000 words)$450.00
Metropark VCP contract customer discount (active VCP)
(not to exceed 1000 words / for Telephony VOs only)

Word / Time Estimate
50 words = 15 seconds
200 words = 1 minute
600 words = 3 minutes
1000 words = 5 minutes



30/60 sec National Commercial Spot 4 week run$3,999.00
30/60 sec National Commercial Spot 13 week run$5,999.00
30/60 sec Local Market Commercial Spot 4 week run$999.00
30/60 sec Local Market Commercial Spot 13 week run$1,999.00

Studio / Engineering

Studio Time$175/hr

Includes ProTools Audio, Premiere Pro Video editing

Digital Master Materials
Session Tracking$30.00/hr
Session Archive Data$150.00/hr
Sound Effects
Sound Effect work/dups/creations/captures$ 35.00/ea
Music Drop / Needledrop Licensing
Corporate/A V/Demo/Non-broadcast$150.00
Radio (Local)$250.00
TV (Local)$300.00
Music drops are charged per use/per spot.
Call us at 314-439-1900, for regional and national usage (rates vary by library).
Electronic Distribution
File Prep/Conversion/Upload$ 30/ spot
Spot Delivery$ 20/ destination
Traffic Instructions$ 5/ attachment
Traffic Change Order$ 2/ destination
Audio File Conversion / Email / FTP
Audio File Conversion$ 30/ spot
E-mail Delivery$ 30/ spot
Posting$ 30 FTP
Additional charges may apply based on number or length of spots/size of files posted.
Duplication (CD’S)
1 duplication$ 15/ ea
2+$ 10/ ea
Shipping & Delivery
Charges vary depending on order.$TBD


Cancellation Policy

Full studio time charges apply to sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice. Studio time charges also apply to sessions that are booked firm, and then cancelled. If we’re able to re-sell your booked time, charges may be waived as a courtesy.


Project rates available – please call us at 314-439-1900, for an estimate.

Session materials are stored for a limited time after which you will be contacted to retrieve the materials, or have us destroy them for you.

We are not responsible for lost or damaged materials.