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Iron Shield Support Plan

Iron Shield Support Plan

Hardware Advanced Replacement
In the event your Metropark provided VOIP gear needs to be replaced, make sure you have the Iron Shield from Metropark. We will advance replace the inoperable item(s) to you. The item(s) being advanced replaced must be covered by the Iron Shield Warranty Support Plan. Item(s) being replaced must be received at Metropark RMA department within 5 days from the delivery date of the advanced item or the full list price of the item(s) will be charged to you.

Emergency Response Times
Enjoy fast access to a certified technician to make sure your Metropark VOIP Gear is diagnosed, repaired or replaced. *We provide a 4 to 8 hour response on non-emergency calls and 2 to 4 hour response on emergency calls during normal Metropark HelpDesk hours 8am to 7pm C.S.T. Monday through Friday. Holidays and all after hours calls will be charged at a premium. Emergency calls are available 24×7 but will be charged an Emergency premium. The Term for this support plan is one year, unless additional years are purchased as part of this quote.
*Response Time does not mean the product will be replaced within the specified response time.

Access to our FTP download web site
*Download all releases of software up to the latest version covered under the support plan. New Feature releases (i.e. 5.0, 7.0, 9.0) can be purchased for a discounted rate. In addition to the Version software, you can also download, other software such as which may be applicabale to your system.
*Make sure you obtain your appropriate keycode from your Metropark Sales Representative.



1. (i) The Iron Shield Agreement comes into force when signed by or on behalf of the Customer, and by a person authorized by Metropark Communications, Inc. a Missouri Corporation. This agreement will also be in force when a new item is purchased from Metropark that is in a manufacturers warranty period. Metropark will provide the warranty through this Iron Sheild Agreement or make the manufacturer’s warranty more readily available.

(ii) Subject to the provisions of this clause and clause 4 hereof, the initial term of this agreement shall be a period of one year.

(iii) The Agreement may be renewed annually at the ruling rate charged by Metropark Communications, Inc. subject to termination by Metropark on thirty days written notice after the first years commitment is complete.

2. The Customer shall pay all charges invoiced under this Agreement by the date indicated on the invoice. The fixed charge will be invoiced monthly or annually.  

3. (i) Metropark Communications, Inc. will during normal working hours (currently 8:00 am – 5:00 pm c.s.t.) Monday to Friday inclusive, but excluding local or public holidays and within reasonable time of request from the customer:

a) Service (i.e., inspect, adjust and repair) the equipment without charge, PROVIDED THAT the Customer will pay for any service or replacement made necessary by his or her own actions (e.g., accident, willful act or default).

b) Replace at no cost any parts necessary for the efficient working of the equipment, excluding labels, paper, covers, handset/phone cord and other consumable items (All replaced parts will become the property of Metropark Communications, Inc).

c) After hours and weekend emergency service is billed at an additional overtime rate.

(ii) In the event of a major fault occurring and a repair required to part of, or parts of the Voice system, Metropark Communications, Inc will provide an equivalent part or parts to ensure the phone system is once again operational. The replacement parts will be provided within same day or next business day. Metropark will work towards an immediate solution but may need to overnight replacement parts to locations beyond normal Metropark dispatching areas. This clause may not apply if the customer’s system requires service or replacement because of the customer’s negligence, willful act or default.

4. Should the customer change the location of any equipment, Metropark Communications, Inc. reserves the right to terminate the Agreement without notice or to increase the charges if additional costs are incurred. Metropark Communications liability is limited to the performance of the equipment supplied and Metropark accepts no responsibility for consequential loss in the event of a system being out of service.

5. a) Metropark reserves the right to be exempt from liability of this contract in the event of any of the following:

(i) The damage or fault is caused by the user’s own action or by willful damage.

(ii) The system or any part of the system is shifted or re-sited by anyone other than an authorized and acknowledged person of Metropark Communications, Inc. or that the system(s) is not properly powered by a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

(iii) The system or part of the system is damaged due to any form of electrical storm (lightning), water, physical or excessive dirt.

b) This agreement will only cover items listed on Schedule A of your CSA, Metropark Invoice, or other approved list of items with serial numbers provided to you by an authorized Metropark Support Team member and may include any and all items of the system as follows:
– Chassis and related motherboards and fans
– Network Call Processor with Hard Drive
– Keycode Licenses
– Analog Line Card(s)
– Digital Line Card(s)
– Analog Terminal Card(s)
– Analog Terminal Adapter(s)
– Business phones
– Power Adapters
– Cabling from to demarcation point
– UPS power supplies (where supplied by Metropark Communications, Inc.)
– Up to 30 minutes of remote software changes per yearly quarter.

Also included is any testing or checking that may be required to establish source or problem i.e. Telecom Network or Voice System problem. But, it does not include the following:

– External music source, External paging system
– External equipment such as Answer Machines, Cordless Phones, Fax, Pay Phones, Modems, etc.