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Journal: 5 Little Known Android Tips & Tricks

5 Android Tips & Tricks

5 Android hacks to make life easier:

1) Navigate safely by downloading maps before you go
Google Maps includes support for saving maps offline, and while it should download local maps automatically, you can take matters into your own hands. It’s not easy to find the settings, though. First, find the area you want to save offline, then tap in the search bar at the top of the screen. Close the keyboard and scroll to the bottom, and you’ll see the option to download. The app will bring up an outline to indicate the area that will be downloaded and estimate how much space it will take up. The offline data will include streets, points of interest, and the ability to use turn-by-turn navigation.

2) Edit Quick Settings
One thing users are not crazy about with their Android is that the Quick Settings require two swipes to show more than one row—and even after you do that, you still have two pages of them. Thankfully, you can customize the tiles displayed so that the settings you need most are accessible in the first swipe-down row. Just hit the pencil icon, find the tiles you want, and drag them to the top section. You can add useful tools like Focus mode and Dark mode switches, Scan QR code functions, camera access, screen record, and more.

3) Restrict background data
This is a great way to extend your phone’s battery life and stop you from running out of data three weeks before your plan renews.
A whole host of apps that pretty much everyone uses are constantly refreshing and looking for a wi-fi connection in the background. Disabling this is a great way to make your phone last longer but it will also stop you from receiving notifications from the likes of Whatsapp unless it is currently open on your phone. On the plus side, the avalanche of notifications when you next connect to Wi-Fi will make you feel very popular!

1. Open Settings and tap Mobile Network, then data usage.
2. Tap Data saving, then toggle Data saving on.
3. To make exceptions for certain apps, tap Unrestricted apps and toggle on any apps to exempt them.

4) One-handed mode
If you don’t have one of the best small phones but still want to control everything with one hand, you’re in luck! Most leading Android phones feature a one-handed mode. With a swipe of the screen, the whole user interface will drop down and be much easier to reach. This is very helpful for those with accessibility issues and anyone with small hands who may struggle to reach certain parts of the screen.

1. Open Settings app and tap System Settings.
2. Tap One-handed mode and toggle one-handed mode on.
3. To use one-handed mode, swipe down on the bottom of the screen.

5) Smart Lock
Locking your phone is an important security measure, but it can also be a pain when you’re just relaxing or working from home. Luckily, Android lets you disable your lock screen in locations where you feel safe, meaning you can get in and out of your phone quickly. Just note that this feature works with Google Maps, so you will obviously need an internet connection at that location.

1. Open the Settings app, tap password and security and then tap System security.
2. Tap Smart Lock and then tap Trusted places.
3. Tap Add trusted places and then select your safe space.