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MPVEX – Calling Restrictions

MPVEX Calling Restrictions

Hey… I can’t call Navagio Beach in Greece!!!  What’s up with that???

Making business calls should really mean business.  Sure, we can call anywhere and everywhere, but it sure is a good idea to deploy calling restrictions on your Metropark Voice Exchange system to keep your business calls all about… business!!

Actually there are several different ways to deploy call restrictions on your MPVEX, but simply put, calling restrictions inside MPVEX are built in a hierarchy manner. Meaning, first, your account must have that restriction allowed when we setup your system. Next, the device user on your system must have that restriction inherited. Lastly, the device itself must have that restriction inherited. If any of those settings are set to deny, the call will be restricted.

Super Easy!!

So what are the typical classifiers which define the Numbering Plan Area (NPAs)… what is restricted?

US Tollfree US High Rate a.k.a. Premium-Rate Numbers

900|456|808|874|907|204|250|289|306|403|416|418|450|506|514|519|604|613| 647|705|709|778|780|807|819|867|873|902|905|871|670|671|684

Allow or disallow the 10,7,3, digits being dialed to place a local US call. This means that it starts with a +1, then must have an other digit between 2 and 9, then 2 more digits between 0-9, then one digit between 2-9, and finally 6 more digits between 0-9.
Allow or disallow those potentially pricy calls made to International destinations.  +[2-9]\\d{7,} This means it has to start with a +, then match one digit between 2-9 followed by any 7 digits.  If not set, we restrict all International calls by default.
This will pretty much cover all calls, so if its not on this list, its probably restricted… or we can un-restrict calls as needed.  Most of the time a business may only need to allow International calling for a short period of time, for example.  But it sure is nice to know that MPVEX can make sure your phone system is calling only the places you allow.  Also, refer to Blacklisting Numbers on a more defined basis.

Benefits of Calling Restrictions

  •  Avoid large overages / charges to countries around the world
  •  Remove premium charged calls which would show up on a bill somewhere
  •  Keep employees focused on business and not toll free chatlines
  •  Keep internal phones… internal