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MPVEX – Direct Inward Dialing

MPVEX Direct Inward Dialing

“How Many DIDs Do You Have? “How Many WHATs???”

Yep, those telephone people have yet another acronym. ‘DID’ stands for Direct Inward Dialing. Everyone has at least one DID — it’s your main number. Someone on the outside directly inward dials to your company operator.

But sometimes you might like to have other numbers, too… so your phones can ring at different places when callers directly dial into your company. MPVEX makes this easy.

Historically, a business would purchase a ‘block’ of numbers from the phone company. Try this example: let’s say you have 48 employees, so you have purchased a block of 50 phone numbers. One for the main number, one for a fax number, and 48 different numbers going to each employee. In the past, these numbers would be delivered over a T1/PRI at a pretty high price tag and you’d need a PBX which could handle a T1 and DID routing. Today, with MPVEX you are your own telephone company (sort of). You have your own list of numbers and can route them wherever you’d like them to go.
“OK, I Have Several DID Numbers, Where Can I Send Them?”
Since MPVEX is so flexible, your DID numbers can go to many destinations and be changed whenever needed!! Check out a few examples:
  • The first DID number is typically your Main Number. It will ring one (or more) phone(s), then go to Voicemail or another Automated Attendant to give the caller more options.

Additionally, you may use a DID number to ring directly inward into:

  • Your MPVEX Call Center. Caller sits in queue until one of your Agents is available to take the call.
  • The MPVEX VoiceMail system to check voicemail.
  • A particular Conference Room.
  • The Conference System for the caller to choose a Conference Room.
  • A user’s deskphone or Nimbus softphone.
  • The Directory.
  • The DISA (Direct Inward System Access).
  • Your Faxboxes.
  • A group. Think about ringing a group of phones to keep track of how many times a number was called — potentially for marketing purposes. Imagine creating a group called ‘Yellow Pages’ that rings into your Sales group. This way you can see if your marketing dollars are put to good use.
  • A menu or Auto Attendant. Great for direct sales or other popular segments of your business who may want to provide some additional information, then offer special routing for the caller.
  • MPVEX, then route back out to an outside number. This is great for power outages or other ‘quick’ emergencies where your don’t have access to your office.
  • MPVEX for a Response Code, i.e. Busy Signal.
  • MPVEX to have the number routed based on Time of Day.
  • MPVEX for a Virtual Extension.
  • the MPVEX Voicemail system.
Further Benefits of MPVEX Direct Inward Dialing (DID): 
  • Track your marketing efforts
  • Improve customer service with a better caller experience
  • Attract local customers with local numbers in different parts of the country
  • Lower labor expenses
  • Increase efficiency & cost savings
If you’d like additional information about MPVEX DID services, contact our Sales team below, contact your Metropark Account Rep, or give us a shout at (314) 439-1900 #1…whichever is easiest for you!!