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MPVEX Direct Inward System Access

“Sometimes I need to be in my office to call someone, BUT…
if I’m not in my office… what can I do??”
Ideally, you are a Nimbus Phone user and you have all the call control on your softphone.  But if not, The MPVEX DISA feature allows you make a business call from an outside line, like from a hotel room as in the example below, while appearing to be calling from your business. The purpose is to be able to conduct a business call from an outside line when necessary, and still appear to be calling from your business line. Knowing that it is common to have to call from your personal phone at times to conduct business, MPVEX DISA is the means to do so and protect your privacy, while maintaining your business identity with the client.
How Does It Work?
First, we need to add DISA to your Auto-Attendant Menu or have a backdoor number to point to DISA.  So when you call in to your business from an outside line, you will access DISA.  Press your provided access code (if multiple people will use DISA) then enter your 4 digit pin and #.
  • Call into your menu or backdoor number press 5 + pin + #
  • MPVEX will then give you Dial Tone from which you can call your party
  • Your call will come from your extension or another preset Caller ID
Benefits of DISA
  • Keep your callers from seeing your personal numbers
  • Keep consistency to your callers
  • Take advantage of calling privileges setup within your MPVEX
  • No softphone or remote internet connection needed
  • Maintain business privacy
  • Record your calls if set up in MPVEX
  • Utilize business International rates
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