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MPVEX Dynamic Caller ID

MPVEX Dynamic Caller ID

Caller ID has been around for some time now.  Many people rely on it to screen out certain callers or jump on a call fast when they see who is calling.  We all do it!!!

Well, now with MPVEX you can change what your called party sees on their caller ID.  For example, when you make local calls you may want to send out your local number as your default caller ID.  But when you make a call to an out-of-state customer, you may want to have them see your Toll Free number as your caller ID.  Sounds pretty cool !!!  It’s called Dynamic CID. 
We make it fairly easy to use.  From your MPVEX desk or softphone…
Simply dial  * + CID code + number to call
(example *8776355551212 )
The CID code in this example is *877 it could equal your Toll Free Number in your Metropark Voice Exchange (MPVEX) System.  So who ever you call, by adding *877 in front of any number your call would show your Toll Free number to your called party. Pretty handy at certain times!!!

Benefits of Dynamic CID

Many businesses use Dynamic Caller ID to:
  •  represent multiple product manufacturers from one phone location
  •  provide multiple call back numbers to other databases
  •  mask the main number when making collection or private matter calls
  •  provide added closeness to your out-of-state customers
  •  represent different companies or divisions from your phone