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MPVEX Reports

MPVEX Standard Reports


View the phones that are registered with MPVEX and see its remote IP address.  You can also view the device information

Call History Report

View the inbound and outbound call history.  See the date and time of the call, see the caller ID from out side callers and numbers dialed inbound and outbound.  Also see the duration and how the call ended.


View a list of virtual extensions and device user extensions.  The Extension list will show the extension number, the extension type and the Name of the user.

Feature Codes

MPVEX uses Feature codes. This report shows all the feature codes being used on your system.

Account Metrics

This report shows a real-time list of your active system status.  View the number of phone numbers you have, and toll-free numbers. Also see the totals of Fax DIDs, E911 Registrations, SIP Trunks, Device Users, Devices, Fax Device, Outside Devices, Encrypted TEP Devices, Mobile App Devices (Nimbus), Voicemail boxes, Inbound and outbound faxes, Time of Day Routes, Menus, Groups, Media Files, Conferences, Holiday routes, DISA, and recording licenses.

Path Usage

View the number of MPVEX Call Paths used during a define time frame. Zoom in monthly, weekly, or daily.

Call Volume

View a comparison grid between inbound and outbound calling.  Zoom in monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly.


MPVEX Special Reports

Fax Report

View a list of inbound and outbound faxes.  See the caller id for inbound faxes and numbers dialed for outbound faxes.  Also view the duration and number of pages sent or received.

SMS Usage

View the Phone Number sending and receiving the SMS texts.  See who its assigned to and the number of texts received and sent.



Queue Summary

View your MPVEX Queue data.  See the total calls received into the queue, the number of missed calls, and calls which were Abandoned by the caller.  Also see the Average Wait time for that particular date.

Agent Summary

View the Agents totals by date.  See the total calls which were presented to the Agent, see the number of calls answered, missed, and rejected by the Agent.  Also see the Average Queue Call Time.

Queue Detail

View the details by each MPVEX Queue.  See Queue Name, Calls Offered, Answered, Abandoned, Missed/Rejected. See the Abandoned percentage, Answered percentage, Average Call Time, Average Abandoned Time, and Total Call Time

Agent Performance

View an Agent performance base on each MPVEX Call Queue.  Choose the Queue and time frame, then see the Agent Name, Queue Calls, Agent Handle Time, Non-Queue Calls, Outbound Call Time, and Outbound Calls.