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MPVEX Visual Conference Center

Visual Conference Center

MPVEX VISUAL CONFERENCE CENTER enhances your Metropark Voice Exchange Conference Bridge experience. The MPVEX Visual Conference Center has been added to the MPVEX Unified Communications Client to show participants and control active conference calls.

Sample view of visual conference center

The MPVEX Visual Conference Center Module will allow your conference users to experience the following while on a conference call:

  • In one glance, see all participants on a conference call. Easily identify participants as employees or outside participants.
  • Moderators can control participation on a conference bridge. Moderators of a conference bridge can mute a participant’s speaker, mute a participant’s mic or remove a participant from the conference bridge. Non-moderator participants can also mute themselves or end their participation in the conference bridge. All actions are accomplished via the MPVEX Unified Communications Client, with a single click.
  • All users can also see who is speaking and the duration each caller has been on the conference bridge.
  • Users can quickly join a conference bridge with just two clicks using the quick call functionality built into MPVEX Unified Communications client that will connect the user’s device of choice to the conference.

Screen capture of visual conference center with description blurbs