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Peplink 20X

Peplink Balance 20X

Extreme Performance

As a member of our “X” series, the Balance 20X from Metropark offers extreme performance and futureproof design at a practical price point. With 12 Gbps of throughput, the 20X can handle the bandwidth requirements of any enterprise branch network. The SDX also supports a FlexModule, enabling you to customize the router with your choice of ports, as well as instantly apply new technology as new modules are released.
Here’s a video to show how the 20X work at Bob’s Ice Cream Shop:

Add Cellular Backup

Back up your xDSL with a cellular link (up to two with the FlexModule Mini) and redundant SIM cards. When a line goes down, your office won’t even notice.

Need Another LTE?

The Balance 20X has a FlexModule Mini slot which will support all kinds of WAN technology. So when it’s time to add a second LTE connection, the Balance 20X will be ready.

Features / Balance 20X

  • 4 Ethernet LAN Ports (Gig)
  • 1 Ethernet WAN Port (Gig)
  • Up to 2 Cellular Sims
  • 900Mbps Stateful Firewall Throughput
  • Load Balancing / Failover
  • 8 Load Balancing Algorithms
  • InControl Cloud Management
  • PepVPN with upto 5 IPsec Tunnels

Module Options

1 CAT 6 LTEA ModemExpansion Module with 1x CAT 6 modem For Americas/EMEA
1 CAT 12 FirstNet ModemExpansion Module with 1x CAT 12 modem For Americas/EMEA
1 CAT 12 Global ModemExpansion Module with 1x CAT 12 modem For Global
1 CAT 18 ModemExpansion Module with 1x CAT 18 modem For Americas/EMEA
1 VDSL ModuleExpansion Module with 1 x VDSL
1 5G ModemFlexModule Mini 5G