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POTS Replacement Solutions

Say Good-Bye to Your Analog POTS Lines

The same phone line that Alexander Graham Bell had patented in 1876, might still be working in your business today. The Analog Line a.k.a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) has become a copper monster and most businesses have already moved away from POTS. If you haven’t, you really should consider options. Metropark has many solutions for you which will replace those ancient devices that require POTS and save your company a fortune!

Let Metropark show you how to replace your Analog POTS devices with new world technologies!!  Here are a few devices you can replace with new solutions and cheaper services:  Fax Machines, Alarm Lines, Credit Card Machines, Elevators, Doorphones, Gatephones, Entry Access phones, Modems, Paging, Overhead Ringers, Intercoms, Sprinklers, & others.   Interested?