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Private Cloud

Private Cloud

For a growing number of enterprises, the journey to cloud computing begins with a private cloud implementation built on Linux or Microsoft technologies. A private cloud from metropark transforms the way your business delivers and consumes IT services. By creating a layer of abstraction over pooled resources, a private cloud enables true service capability as well as optimally managed application services.

A private cloud solution from Metropark offers new levels of agility, focus, and cost-savings. Whether you build a private cloud in an on-premise datacenter or opt for a hosted offering in our Metropark Cloud, you will soon realize transformative benefits.

A private cloud is a new model for IT delivery. It transforms datacenter resources to enable the key benefits of cloud computing:

Pooled Resources
In a private cloud, your key hardware resources—compute, storage, and networking—are pooled and abstracted into units that enable you to dynamically provision and scale applications and resources.

Deliver applications and resources as services. Your customers can request, configure, and manage IT services through an interactive portal that allows for automated provisioning.

Resources can quickly be expanded or contracted through automation or workflow, so IT services can be scaled up or down almost instantly to meet business requirements.

With resources as services, usage can be metered so that you and your customers pay for only the resources that are actually consumed.

Let Metropark show you how to build a private cloud environment and transform the way you run your business.