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Metropark’s Managed Router Service provides fully managed high performance routing equipment to your single or multisite enterprise. This service can be combined with Metropark Internet, Fiber, Broadband, VPN, or other data service. Our managed router and firewall services enhance Metropark’s list of data services by providing advanced routing, switching, quality of service, traffic filtering, security and other functions to your network service.


  • A broad range of manufacturers are available, but some are better with VoIP than others.  We know which ones are best.
  • Routers are configured and deployed by Metropark to your sites
  • Rental equipment remains the sole responsibility of Metropark, ensuring single provider support for end-to-end network solutions
  • Pro-active monitoring of routes is available
  • Access to network status, performance reports, alerts and other SNMP information
  • on-site and remote installation supplied
  • All routers are covered by full on-site maintenance customized to meet your specific service level requirements
  • Replacement hardware is provided upon identification of equipment failure by the Metropark Helpdesk
  • All routers and network elements are supported by the Metropark Helpdesk, with 24 x 7 support available


  • Single point of contact for all aspects of your Internet or data network solution, including network access and equipment
  • One Helpdesk and technical support team to assist you in the event of a problem
  • Comprehensive on-site support & router maintenance to ensure business continuity
  • You no longer need expertise in router configuration and management.