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Surveillance, and Automation – What Do I Really Need?

Alarm, Surveillance, and Automation – What Do I Really Need?

You run a small to medium size business.  Your burglar alarm equipment was installed decades ago, or certainly acts like it’s extremely old with not too many features to speak of.  You might be interested in some of the new alarm systems you’ve heard about on radio and TV, but you really don’t know what is best for your business at a comparable or cheaper price.
When thinking about a new alarm system, here are a few items to look for:

Easy bundling and enhancement

You’ll want a seamless platform and device ecosystem made for efficient bundling, packaging, and pricing. Metropark can bundle multiple solutions into compelling, high-value packages, or just provide a single solution and later enhance your installation with additional services as needed.

Proactive security

Automatic arming keeps premises secure even if your employees forget. A wide range of notifications, triggered by security sensors, will keep you aware of important or unusual activity including supervised open/close activity. If needed, professional security monitoring and automated safeguards provide best-in-class protection.  Metropark can demo you this feature on a website and on the app for Apple or Android devices.

Video surveillance

You’ll definitely want a video solution which offers both offsite cloud recording and 24/7 HD on-premise storage to ensure video is available when your users need it.
Alarm sensor activity and door entries are overlaid on the video timeline, making it easy for customers to instantly view important events. Make sure your video solution is integrated with leading monitoring station platforms, enabling seamless visual verification of alarms.

User management

You and your key managers can easily add/remove employee alarm codes and customize door permissions, making it easy to manage employee turnover, restrict access to sensitive areas, and track open/close activity.

Energy efficiency

Smart thermostats deliver automated energy savings when your premises are empty. You can lock thermostat settings locally or specify minimum and maximum temperature ranges that your employees can set.

Multi-location awareness

You and your key employees can manage multiple premises at a glance, view security arming status, open/close times and temperatures side by side in their app or dashboard, and create automation rules that apply to all locations.

Operational insights

You will want to make sure you have visibility into activity patterns and trends, helping to identify new opportunities for operational efficiency.

Always on technology

Your security system will need to be a tamper-resistant dedicated cellular connection, such as an AT&T or Verizon LTE data network.  This makes sure you are always connected to the professional monitoring system.  You’ll also want to make sure that it reports any vandalism or unexpected activity of the panel.

Office Automation and Notification

With the alarm system monitoring all your doors and windows and walkways, it’s a natural progression to have it monitor and control other items such as lights, fans, coffee makers, HVAC, locks, etc.  Really any thing that you may wish to be automated, should be.  For example, you leave at 5:30pm:  The system automatically turns off some lights and turn on some others.  It reduces the HVAC system and shuts off the coffee maker.
Amazingly, these new security devices and systems come with a very attractive price.  Especially when you compare them to what you currently have and at its monthly price.  Let Metropark review your needs and provide a better solution and at a better price.