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Symantec Security


Metropark understands that you want solutions to work, no matter what. We take pride in providing an industry-leading technology from Symantec to small and medium businesses in a way that’s powerful enough to protect an enterprise-sized company, yet designed for smaller companies. 


Security Made Simple
Let us do the job of protecting the information and devices that keep your business prospering, so you can focus on growing your business.


Advanced Protection Through the Cloud
Symantec cloud services provide essential protection while virtually eliminating the need to manage hardware and software on site.


Automatic Email Archival & Continuity
Automatically store your email, IM, Chatter, Box, and Sharepoint content in the cloud—quickly and easily, for on-demand search and retrieval.


Disaster Recovery Anytime, Anywhere
When disaster strikes, it can mean the end for many businesses. We won’t let this happen to you: now you can securely recover your business’s critical data — 24/7.


Protect Your Virtualization Infrastructure
VMware-integrated software offers proven effectiveness, maximum performance, and centralized workflow automations across both physical and virtual platforms.


Protect and Grow Your Online Business
Combine cutting-edge SSL Certificates, anti-malware, vulnerability protection, anti-malvertising and the #1 trust mark on the web to get a business boosting Website Security Solution. Protect your apps with the #1 provider of code signing.