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VCP Analysis Questions

VCP Analysis Questions

There are 5 short areas of questions that we’ll need answered to perform your VCP Analysis.

1) Company Information
2) Systems Configuration
3) Telecom Services
4) Network & Infrastructure
5) Security & Automation

Let’s get started…

    1) Company Information

    How long has your company been in business?

    2) System Configuration

    Below are questions about your current or needed communication system design. We will use these answers in determining the best system for your company and the lowest pricing, but we understand that your answers could change.

    What is the name of the phone system or the name of the phones you use now?

    What Style of Phone Handset would work best for your office/facility? (choose all that apply)


    Do you pay for any analog lines for faxes?

    Would you like to RECEIVE faxes in your email inbox?

    Would you like to SEND faxes from your PC?

    System Features

    Would you like to record the audio of your phone calls?

    Would you like to have Call Center functionality (ACD)?

    Would you like to IM Text or chat with other staff/employees on your own private network?

    Would you like to SMS/MMS Text with customers and vendors on the cellular network?

    How would you like to “Page” employees?

    Would you like an Overhead Ringer/Night Bell?

    3) Telecom Services

    Below are questions regarding your EXISTING services. You will also be asked about service enhancements or replacements to your existing services.

    Office Data / Internet

    What type of Internet service do you have? (choose all that apply)

    What is your current Internet bandwidth size:

    Do you need Analog (POTS) services for fax, modem, elevator, alarm, etc?

    Since Analog & TDM services are sun-setting, would you consider removing all analog lines now?

    Business Voice Services

    Business Cellular Services

    What Mobility platform does your company use or prefer? (choose all that apply)

    4) Network & Infrastructure

    Below are questions regarding your business network, LAN, and your needed business applications.

    So we may better understand your network, may we contact your IT personnel?

    If we can, what is their email address?

    Network Infrastructure

    What Type of Ethernet Switches do you have?

    What Type of Router/Firewall do you have?

    What Type of Wireless Access Points (APs) do you have?

    What Type of Data Cabling do you have at all your PC or Phone locations?

    System Applications

    What type of EMAIL does your company use?

    Who manages your business Website and Domain Name?

    Would you like Metropark to manage your EMAIL & Website & Domain?

    Click all the Monthly Services that you would like Metropark to provide pricing and management?

    5) Security & Automation

    Many companies are gaining great benefits by bringing their security in-house including office automation. These questions help us understand what your current security and automation control is and if we can help improve it. Keep in mind, that the large telephone companies are sun-setting the analog services that most legacy alarm companies use today.

    Click all of the items you would like to have remote control over or notification: