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Vegress SIP Record Server




Vegress SIP Record Server

Record all inbound, outbound, & internal phone conversations – with reliability!  










Nobody really wants to have their conversation recorded, do they? But nobody likes being called a fibber either! Any business today is taking a serious risk with employees talking to customers and not having a ‘back-up’ of each conversation. Lawsuits are won or lost based on ‘who’s most prepared’. Make sure your business is prepared with Vegress Record (vRecord). vRecord works in tandem with your IP phone system and gives you many advantages that you didn’t have before.

Training of new employees is a given: they really need to hear your veterans handle your customers.

How about those long timers who can’t be taught any new tricks? Let them hear some of their mediocre customer service calls and you’ll see some quick turn-arounds.

Managers and supervisors, you now have the perfect tool to increase your company’s productivity. A wealth of information is at hand through vRecord’s intuitive, web-based interface. You may sort by caller ID, extensions, agents, dates, time, size, groups or tags; quickly listen to a call in the browser by clicking on the recording icon, or download the entire conversation to your PC.

Lawyers now can get rid of the clunky tape recorders with inferior sound quality. Legal or medical secretaries can get vRecord Audio files sent to them via email instead of little tapes (which seem to always grow legs and walk away).

What Makes Vegress SIP Record Different?

Most IP PBX recording solutions work in an un-natural way, by forcing all of your voice data through a hubbed or mirrored switching network. This adds a much greater cost and maintenance to you and potentially adds more choke points for your data and call quality.

Vegress SIP Record 2.0 works as an independent recording appliance which does not require extra hubs or mirrored ports. A sip handset is pointed to Vegress and Vegress records each sip recordable session. It’s just that simple.

Vegress SIP Record 2.0 works like a transparent work-horse in charge of recording all enabled calls without ever being in the way of your data or other ethernet devices.


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