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Voice Service Acceptable Use Policies

Voice Services Acceptable Use Policies

It is always Metropark’s objective to provide a very high quality voice service (“service” hereafter) to each of our business customers. Metropark follows this Acceptable Voice Use Policy to establish true business integrity of its service and to provide our customers have a very high quality experience. By utilizing and accessing Metropark’s voice services the Customer accepts and is bound by the terms of this policy.


Each customer accessing the services will not use the service to make illegal robocalls.


Each customer will not use the service to disrupt or take any action that interferes with Metropark’s or Metropark’s upstream provider’s network, equipment, or systems.

Fraud or Illegal Use

Each customer will not use the service for any purpose that violates local, state or federal laws or that promotes illegal activity in any way.

Violation & Enforcement

All usage of the service is under the sole discretion of Metropark. Metropark management will review all alleged and reported violations of the policy individually. Obvious and clear violations of policy may result in voice calls being blocked and or immediate termination of service and forfeit of all fees paid up to the date of termination. An absence of immediate enforment by Metropark to any provision in this policy shall not be construed as a waiver of any right to do so at a later date.

Revisions and Modifications

Metropark reserves the right to modify or revise this policy at any time without notice. Customer should regularly visit Metropark’s website (metropark.com) to review this policy for modifications and revisions.


Dated: 9/10/21