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Wireless Point to Point

Wireless Bridging

A wireless bridge is a device that allows two or more complete networks of users to transparently communicate to one another over long distances without wires. These networks can be in the same building, but are normally either in adjacent buildings or, with the proper antennas and line of sight bridges, can even connect networks up to 30 miles apart. Wireless bridges connect to the wired network through the Ethernet port and replicate that data to a remote network bridge or access point via (Wi-Fi) protocol. Metropark offers this as a product or a monthly service.

  Point to Point (ptp) Bridging:

A point to point topology is the simplest to configure and connects two networks in two separate locations, normally a remote building or warehouse, via one wireless bridge in each location.

  Point to Multi-point (point to multipoint, ptmp) bridging:

A point to Multi-point topology wirelessly connects multiple locations together allowing them to share the same network resources. The bridge at the main, central, location is called the root bridge or base station bridge and all data passing between the wireless bridge clients must pass through the root bridge first. These point-to-multipoint networks are used in wireless internet service providers (WISP), large corporate campuses, distribution facilities, school districts, and public safety applications to name a few.