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7 Ways SIP Trunking Can Change Your Business

7 Ways VoIP SIP Trunking Can Change Your Business


Businesses are rushing to adopt VoIP / SIP Trunking. By the end of 2019, it has grown to a $10 Billion industry (with a B). So why exactly is VoIP SIP Trunking adoption growing so fast? The fact is that more and more business leaders are realizing SIP Trunking can offer huge benefits to their companies.

Here are seven major ways that SIP Trunking can help businesses:

Cloud communications and unified communications have gone mainstream: VoIP SIP Trunking makes it easy to deliver and manage cloud communications services and migrate from the PSTN to VoIP with its amazing features.

Rapid Return on Investment: VoIP SIP Trunking has a negligible CAPEX requirement meaning that, as businesses can maintain the same features they receive with their local PBX, they will quickly recoup the benefits of switching.

Leverage ubiquitous broadband availability: VoIP SIP Trunks are delivered over IP and are available wherever broadband is. With broadband availability spreading across the US, more businesses will be free to take advantage of VoIP SIP Trunking.

Faster geographic growth: By using networking to combine voice and data, VoIP SIP Trunks can better connect distant business locations to expand a company’s geographic voice and data system.

Reduced call cost: SIP Trunking can dramatically reduce the cost of making and taking calls, with Gartner reporting that adopting SIP Trunking can half a businesses’ telecommunications cost.

Unprecedented mobility: SIP Trunking can help tie together mobile devices and remote workers by enabling a blend of on-premise and cloud-based services, creating a best-of-both-worlds solution.

Scalability at peak times: Unlike traditional POTs and T1/PRI lines that require planning for peak call times, SIP trunking offers the flexibility of on-demand scalability.

These are all big positives for businesses and so far an estimated 75% of all companies have adopted VoIP SIP Trunking service and are currently realizing these benefits.  

As more Analog / TDM T1 lines are replaced with broadband-capable infrastructure, safe projected estimates are that VoIP SIP Trunking adoption will rise to over 95% by 2024.  This increadible growth to almost full adoption in the next few years is a huge leap and presents a massive opportunity to offer customers streamlined migration from their legacy systems, if they are to take advantage of this explosive growth in demand.

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