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Everything is Connected

Everything is connected… 

Everything has its own complexity… 

Everything relies on everything else…  

Everything together is a nightmare to manage…

We hear this a lot!!  Metropark is all about simplifying your business life, by providing smart solutions that all work well with each other.  For example, let’s look at a typical business. You may be in a similar situation where Metropark can help you out.
You have a somewhat stable Local Area Network (LAN).  It’s tied to a not-so-stable Internet connection. A redundant Internet connection would be great. 
On top of your LAN and your Internet you trust your phone lines, your phone system, your data in the cloud as well as your local data. 
It all goes through older 10/100mb ethernet switches that may or may not be programmed properly.  New GIGABIT switches with the latest software would be fantastic. 
Then there is your Firewall Router, which is your traffic cop and it may be pulling over all the good guys and letting the bad guys “come on in”.  Many businesses don’t even have their own firewall, but rely on the Internet Provider’s very basic router for security. Ouch!!
Of course, you have WIFI devices like tablets, laptops, and smartphones all connected on your LAN and the 4G/5G networks which have their own fine tuning needed.
Crazy, but now, all your alarm, automation devices, and security appliances are all added to your network, too. 
So, you find yourself stuck in the middle of all these different systems, your vendors, and services providers.  But no one to handle them all!!
More than likely your apps, devices, systems, and services are all limping along while you cross your fingers that nothing goes wrong. 
Doesn’t it make sense to have ONE company who can design, assemble and manage them all together and make sure you have the easiest methods in place, the best-of-breed solutions, and your monthly service costs are at the lowest price?
Metropark takes on all these issues and we obligate our selves to you. You then have one call to make, one throat to choke, one bill to pay, and one source always ready to extinguish all your communication issues.  

Metropark Focus Points

  • Phone Lines
  • Internet
  • Email
  • Firewall
  • Router
  • Switch
  • WiFi
  • Storage
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Surveillance
  • Alarms
  • IP Telephony




It’s time to reduce the complexities…  

It’s time to reduce the confusion…  

It’s time to reduce the costs…

Its time you had help!!  

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