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Keeping Our Internet UP 100% of the Time

A Better Internet for Business

Internet Load Balancing /
WAN Bonding Solution
Expand Your Business with Internet.
Business owners are finding that popular cloud computing apps and Internet applications like Gmail, Office365-Microsoft Exchange, MPVEX – Voice over IP (VoIP),, remote collaboration services like GoToMeeting and WebEx, and remote support applications like LogMeIn and GoToMyPc have all gained incredible popularity.
Prepare Internet Contingency Plan.
With increased dependency on Internet applications comes the need to ensure business continuity during ISP outages. Most businesses still depend on a single service provider for Internet access in their branch offices and in many HQs too. Any service interruption can bring catastrophic results.
100% Internet Uptime.
Multi-WAN routers are designed to make available mulitple Internet carriers and thus can provide your business with 100% Internet uptime! Business owners can now add commodity Internet services like DSL and cable and end up with cost-effective Internet service redundancy. Metropark provides and recommends high-performance routers which will let you combine as many as thirteen different Internet services that will detect when any service has gone offline and automatically switch to available services. The highly reliable router design will ensure that your business always has Internet access.
You Can Never Have Too Much Bandwidth.
Businesses that migrate to cloud computing and other Internet apps soon find themselves needing more and more bandwidth. Metropark’s router design can satisfy your bandwidth-hungry network by load balancing across multiple Internet services. We also can deploy Bonding Technology which will even allow high speed uploads and downloads by aggregating the available bandwidth into one larger connection. With aggregated bandwidth, remote office staff can instantly access information on centralized servers.
Simple Deployment
Since Metropark is a Vendor Consolidation Provider we manage multiple Telecom carriers, which brings the best of both worlds to your business.  1) One company to call if issues arise and 2) Two or more Internet services which increases your Internet speed and availabilty, making our goal 100% uptime for your business!  
Very Cost Effective
Let Metropark show you how bonding multiple Internet services together can be much cheaper than you think!!  Contact your Metropark Rep or call 314-439-1900 #2 or click the little boxy thing below.
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