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Metropark Voice Exchange Explained

What is Metropark Voice Exchange?

Sometimes there is a much simpler way. Let’s learn about it.  

Metropark Voice Exchange (MPVEX) is a next generation communication solution for any size business. We make it very easy for your business to access new SIP Trunking with Line Share, Business Mobility, Unified Communications, and Cloud based PBX features. Our unique combination of products and services will greatly improve your business communications while lowering your monthly costs!
The Future is Here. Are You Ready? 
Most industry experts agree that the business phone closet is becoming smaller and smaller…. or even obsolete. So the communications industry is undergoing an unprecedented phase of technological innovations. Cloud communication products and services continue to flip the industry on its head, putting you in control. These solutions enable your company to leverage the latest features and capabilities which are extremely easy to use and very cost effective. Experience explosive growth with services like PBX in the CLOUD, VoIP, SIP Trunking, Unified Communications, Fax over VoIP, Redundant Broadband Services, and much more!!
What Makes MPVEX the Clear Choice?
Easy to use. Feature rich. Future-proof. 
Easily accessible via any modern web browser or mobile device, our feature rich platform helps to improve your communications, streamline your business processes, and facilitate your growth and success. In addition, our support for our customers is second to none — our experienced support team endlessly strives to enable you to compete and win…and sound good doing it.
As your needs grow and change over time, so do our features and capabilities. Endlessly scalable, flexible, and reliable, our Metropark Voice Exchange communications platform is truly future-proof. You can focus on your business and know that your communications solution will always remain relevant and competitive. If you have a newer phone system, you may wish to start with MPVEX replacing your existing phone lines with SIP Trunking. As time goes on, you may migrate to full PBX features with PBX in the CLOUD. After, your phone lines and phone system would be completely converged into one powerful system for you. You’ve never had as much control over your business phone solution as you will with Metropark Voice Exchange.
PBX in the CLOUD
You want a reliable, high-quality phone system that works. You want to focus on your business, not your communications platform. Our MPVEX PBX in the CLOUD system adapts and adjusts to your needs and seamlessly works the way you do. Whether you have five (5) or five thousand (5000) employees, we have a solution that meets your needs.
  • Built-in Redundancy and Failover
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Full PBX capabilities utilizing easy interface
  • Eliminate costs of a traditional phone closet
  • Low monthly phone bills
  • Future-proof your phone systems
  • Disaster Avoidance design
  • Features galore
MPVEX SIP Trunking is connected logically to your premise-based phone system via redundant, always-on broadband connections. MPVEX provides solutions for any sized-business.
  • Multi-Site Line Sharing
  • Unlimited Domestic Calling
  • Burstable Call Paths
  • Disaster Recovery design
  • Portal based management of numbers and failover
Additional MPVEX Considerations

Configuration Flexibility

Our reliable, feature-rich hosted phone services adjust as you need them to. We make it easy for our customers to deploy the communication apps and solutions that your business needs, creating an in-office experience right at your fingertips — wherever you are, on whichever device you use.

Mobility Mastered

Mobility is paramount in today’s business world. Keep your company connected with a wide array of mobile features — from cloud extensions, find-me follow-me, group and simultaneous ring, to voicemail, email, and much more — all designed to help you conduct business anywhere, from any device.

Expert HelpDesk

We’re here to support your business at every level with our always-available, skilled & professional, technical and engineering team. We’ll help you with your specific needs and concerns while giving you personalized support you won’t find anywhere else.

Business Continuity

Virtually eliminate business downtime should your local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) communications network go down. Your communications solution is still running in our cloud environment, so your customers, vendors, and employee calls can keep flowing. A good disaster recovery plan will help your business in good times and bad. With our solution, a good business continuity plan is extremely cost effective and readily available based on your individual business needs.

Customer Tested

Our products and services are customer tested and approved — we’ve enabled countless businesses to improve their communication channels easily and effectively to transform their business into competitive powerhouses. With a full range of front and back-office features, you can rest easy knowing your business is taken care of now and into the future.

If you’d like more information about our MPVEX services, contact our Sales team below, contact your Metropark Account Rep, or give us a shout at (314) 439-1900 #1…whichever is easiest for you!!

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