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MPVEX Conferencing

MPVEX Conferencing


For many businesses, bringing people together on a group telephone call is the perfect, low-cost solution for sharing important information. Whether you’re just delivering internal company updates or having a discussion among multiple parties in multiple locations, MPVEX Conferencing is for you.  Private Video conferencing is also available, so for voice or video… MPVEX Conferencing & Meetings


Isn’t it a pain to schedule and set up a video conference?  No more, its all in the MPVEX Boomea app.  Start a meeting with one click. If you are already talking with your co-workers just boom them the 9 digit code. If your participant is not a Boomea user, no problem just email them the link with the 9 digit code, or have Boomea do it for you.  Example:

Phone Audio Features

  • Departmental Rooms
  • Personal Rooms
  • Meet Me Conference
  • Direct number, Menu, or Toll Free access
  • Priced per outside users only, inside callers no cost
  • Easy setup and administration
  • One or more moderators
  • Mute participants at beginning of conference
  • Single participant can listen to music
  • Dial pad user feature management
  • Entrance to room notification

Video Meeting Features

  • Start a Meeting
  • Schedule a Meeting
  • Join a Meeting
  • Video Conference
  • Video Presentation
  • Frequency
  • Open Chat
  • Select Background
  • Performance Settings
  • Speaker Stats