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Smart Business Bundle

Smart Business Bundle

You own a small business.  You also own a small business phone system and you pay monthly for phone lines for your old tired phone system.  Both cost you a great deal of money, time and effort. Now is the time to replace your phone system and replace your phone lines with PBX in the CLOUD!!

Metropark’s Voice Exchange PBX in the CLOUD has an incredible small business package called the Smart Business Bundle.


Only $199.00


Smart Business Bundle Includes:

  • (5) PBX Extensions  (scalable to 500)
  • (5) T21 Basic IP Speakerphones with LCD Display
  • (3) Talking Call Paths (automatically burstable to more as needed)
  • (1) Fax to Email Service  (recieve your faxes in your email inbox)
  • (1) Enhanced 911 Emergency Location Service
  • –  Unlimited Inbound & Outbound Calling (US/Canada)
  • –  All Standard PBX in the CLOUD System Features
  • –  Marketing ON HOLD  (music and voice over service)


Eliminate your costly & sunsetting phone lines

Eliminate your tired old-world phone system

Replace them with PBX in the CLOUD ! !


Pricing & Signup

If you need more or less items on the Smart Business Bundle, use this Excel Pricing Worksheet

Once you have the Monthly Recurring Charge, just Signup

(or use this paper SBB application )



IP Phone details – website

SBB Flyer PDF – Download