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The Doorstep of 5G

The Doorstep of 5G


It may sound like its a ways off, but we are all standing on the doorstep of the new 5G world.  Metropark Mobility is poised perfectly to be your guide to 5G.

When the Wright brothers invented the airplane, it fundamentally altered how we experience traveling. It wasn’t just about speed. Yes, it was great getting from St. Louis to Miami in less time. But flight also gave us the thrill of defying gravity and soaring to new heights.

Flight became a new “user experience” for every traveler: the space-age feel of the airport; the visceral rumble in the chest as the turbine engines fire up; the press of G-force as the plane accelerates down the runway; the flutter in the stomach as the plane leaves the ground; the exhilaration of bursting through the clouds cruising at 30,000 feet.

Just as the airplane fundamentally changed the traveling experience and set off a chain reaction of innovation, so too does 5G promise to alter the nature of our digital experience.

Some hear “5G” and just think it means faster connection speeds. However, it goes beyond that. As it matures, 5G is expected to alter the very DNA of our user experience in dramatic, exciting ways—from leisure to healthcare to retail to manufacturing to finance and beyond.

To imagine what’s coming, it helps to look back where we’ve been. How would your business be faring if you never adopted any mobile technology beyond the 2G world? It’s like opting to keep the abacus instead of upgrading your team to computers and spreadsheets.


So what does the timeline to 5G look like?


In terms of capacity, our main 5G partner AT&T has invested over $27 billion in the spectrum technology over the past five years. And as a result, we have 60 megahertz of deployable spectrum, which includes First Net’s (the network we’re building for first responders) 20 megahertz of prime nationwide spectrum for public safety and secondary use.

Today’s mobile devices and personal electronics typically use sub-6GHz frequencies on the radio frequency spectrum. But, as in our metaphor of traffic and commuting, these frequencies, or data traffic lanes, are getting increasingly congested as the number of devices proliferates.

5G will be able use new spectrum bands with significantly more depth making those lanes wider where needed (like urban areas with dense data traffic).

Part of the 5G experience will be fueled by mmWave (millimeter wave) technology. 5G will be transmitting, in part, on shorter mmWaves in the 24-300 GHz range — a section of the spectrum that hasn’t been used before for wireless and mobile devices. 



Just as the airplane fundamentally changed the traveling experience and set off chain reaction of innovation, 5G promises to alter the nature of the digital experience for business. We like to think of 5G as the first network built with the business user in mind.

Metropark is working with the 5G innovators to ensure that our services and solutions are 5G-primed. In other words, they will help businesses be ready to take advantage of 5G technology and combined with Metropark IoT Framework, businesses are much further along than most.

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